Brandon almost didn’t come to WWCC. A Marine Corps veteran, Brandon came home from serving his country feeling disconnected and unsure about how to be a part of civilian society again.

He faced the biggest obstacle before he even attended the first class. His fear that he might not be able to fit in and succeed here at WWCC almost kept him from walking in the door.

Luckily, thanks to donors like you and our dedicated staff, we made sure he had the funds to attend.

Then, he supplied the bravery to take that first step. Since then, he has gone on to become a student at Walla Walla University, pursuing a degree in substance abuse counseling.

Because kind people like you helped him get started here, he is going to change the lives of many others struggling with addiction.

Meseret is a nursing student at WWCC. She wants to become a nurse so that she can help others. Like so many of our students, she is a caring and intelligent person who shows great promise. But we nearly lost her from the nursing program, all for want of a few dollars.

In addition to working hard in school, Meseret is primary caregiver for her parents, both of whom have chronic illnesses. They have limited financial resources, especially with Meseret in school, and they have to watch their pennies very carefully.

Early last fall, Meseret realized that she didn’t have enough money budgeted to print out the course materials for some of her classes. She was finding it difficult to study without the materials and after struggling without hand outs, she realized that the situation was critical.

Luckily, the Foundation was able to make a quick award of $100 through the Student Emergency Assistance program.

Meseret didn’t know how much she would be receiving when she came to pick up her check. But when she found out that we had awarded her $100, her relief was enormous and her joy was palpable. As you’ll hear in the video, she said, “It was the happiest moment of my life. I know it seems like small money, but to me it was like a million dollars.”